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The IMH is the largest and most comprehensive museum in the world dedicated to exploring the important history of all horses and their impact on human civilization. Through its ever-growing library and archives, it also serves as a resource for scholars and researchers throughout the world.

With over 60,000 square feet, IMH is dedicated to the history of the horse and its unique relationship with humans through time. Permanent museum exhibitions highlight the history of the horse from ancient times to the many popular sporting events of modern times.

Self-produced blockbuster exhibitions such as “All the Queen’s Horses: The Role of the Horse in British History;” “Imperial China: The Art of the Horse in Chinese History;”, and “A Gift from the Desert: the Art, Culture and History of the Arabian Horse,” provide a distinctive glimpse into subjects where the horse has been especially significant in shaping human history. Contemporary art exhibitions focus on the talents of equine artists around the globe and give talented local equine artists much needed exposure to a worldwide audience.

“The mission of the International Museum of the Horse is to educate the general public, equestrian and academic communities about the relationship between humans and the horses throughout world history.”

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