Friday, July 11, 2014 - 9:00am to Sunday, July 13, 2014 - 5:00pm
Reeves International

BreyerFest is the annual model horse festival and horse fair for Breyer model horses. This event brings together fans, vendors, and stars of Breyer horses. Horses that have been portrayed as Breyer model horses will be present for demonstrations and photo opportunities. Crafts and kids activities are also available as well as plenty of shopping opportunities. The BreyerFest app for iPhone and iPad is available for free now on iTunes in the App store at

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BreyerFest Silver Jubilee - Special Guest Stars

  • Emmy® Award-winning television star, fashion designer and acclaimed horseman Carson Kressley will be honored as a special guest at the 25th annual BreyerFest, where he will present the Celebration Horse Gooitzen fan Teaksyl, a champion Friesian. Carson has been the In-Hand Exhibitor of the 12-year-old Friesian throughout his compilation of 15 World Championship titles. Gooitzen has over 130 career wins, including double victories at the 2013 International Friesian Show Horse Association World Championships with Kressley at the reins.
  • Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses - There’s a revolution going on in animal-assisted therapy and an unlikely hero leading the charge! Her name is Magic and she’s 3 feet tall, has glossy black hair, blue eyes and four hooves. She and her dedicated team at Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses are the first horses to be allowed to visit children in hospitals, the elderly in nursing homes and people who need comfort everywhere.
  • Gala of the Royal Horses – Sat. Eve. Only! For the past decade, Gala of the Royal Horses has been touring abroad and in 2014, made the decision to bring its show to North America for a nationwide tour. Gala of the Royal Horses will present a showcase of their full tour event at BreyerFest. Gala of the Royal Horses captures the amazing beauty of the baroque horse breeds of Europe favored by royalty and the show features Andalusians, Friesians, Lipizzaners, and Arabian stallions. These extraordinary and romantic horses are among the most celebrated in history, favored for centuries by royalty, warriors and bullfighters. This performance will celebrate the tradition, athleticism and grace of these revered creatures.
  • Behind the Mask Friesians of historic Runnymede Farm – Inspired by the Four Horsemen of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, the extraordinary performers captured Venetian mask ball. Mentioned in Dan Brown’s latest book, Inferno.
  • Meet Novelisto D (Athansor) and R.J. Masterbug (Hidalgo) and their talented movie horse wrangler trainers Rex Peterson and Cari Swanson.
  • Shane Adams and Knights of Valor (of the THC Full Metal Jousting).  Jousting, sword fighting and more!  It’s not for the faint-hearted!  Shane Adams and Knights of Valour are well-known from their television series Full Metal Jousting on The History Channel. 
  • Knights of Iceland – From the far away shores of Iceland, comes a breed of horse known for their beauty, intelligence, stamina, and loyalty. Watch Gudmar Petursson’s magnificent drill team of Icelandic horses will perform their thrilling and unique tolt  gait at full speed. 
  • A Celebration of Horses Evening – Saturday, July 12th Only – A very special evening of equestrian entertainment produced by Tommie Turvey starring: Gala of the Royal Horses & Tommie Turvey of Equine Extremist Entertainment & The Wild Riders