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Due to the Covid-19 health pandemic, the Kentucky Horse Park and International Museum of the Horse have made the difficult decision to suspend in-person field trips until further notice. Instead, we are offering an all-new program of Virtual Field Trips! The Education staff have been hard at work creating all-new programs and printed materials for you to share with your students in a virtual experience. Read on to pick out your program, view admission prices, and reserve your “trip”.

We do ask that you reserve your date and time at least two weeks in advance so materials can be mailed out to you for your students. 

Each teacher will be sent a Zoom link once their trip is confirmed, so they can send that around to all students. Because of the nature of a virtual program, we cannot schedule more than 30 students to a visit.

2020 School Admission Rates for Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are typically a 45 minute, interactive program, led by one of our educators on the Park and in the Museum. Each field trip will receive a Welcome Package in the mail to disburse to all students and will include a paper packet and other materials for each field trip.

$120 per session

$75 per add-on session for the same class

KY public schools will receive a 50% discount for their first session - $60 - and a 20% discount for add-ons - $50 - for the same class; In September and October, KY public schools can apply for a scholarship fund for a free virtual field trip.

Ready to request a Virtual Field Trip?

Step 1: Virtual Field Trip Calendar: Check Date Availablity Here

Step 2: Virtual Field Trip Request Form

Virtual Field Trip Programs

Now and Then

Recommended for grades K-5

As students learn about the impact horses and the equine industry have made on past communities around the state of Kentucky as well as the nation, they will consider how horses influence their daily lives, or how our lives have changed with advancing technology derived from past uses of horses.

Story Time

Recommended for grades K-2

As students read Finnegan and Fox: the Ten-Foot Cop, they will learn how much of an impact mounted police officers have on a community, the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and how horses are used in communities and for safety. This also allows students to understand what makes up a book, a story, and how to focus on key details.

The Horse in Art

Recommended for all grades

“Horse in Art” is a series that introduces younger students to the art-historical significance of the horse in different eras throughout human history. In an inquiry-based lesson, students will learn an overview of art mediums and different types of visual art, while looking at the horse as its central topic.

The Legacy of the Kentucky Derby

Recommended for grades K-3

Students will learn about the legacy and traditions of the Kentucky Derby, and how the past connects with our understanding of the world today. Students will also learn about Kentucky state symbols and how communities change over time.

Meet the Horses of the Kentucky Horse Park

Recommended for all ages

Students will meet one of the horses that reside at the park, learning about that particular breed and other aspects of horse care.


More Programs Coming Soon!

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