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Kentucky Horse Park Privacy & Security Notice

Your privacy and security are our highest priority. Ensuring electronic access to state government information and services while maintaining privacy is a guiding principle of the state's Strategic Information Technology Plan. The Commonwealth of Kentucky collects only the personal information necessary to provide enhanced services to our citizens and customers. Please note that all non-exempt information collected by Kentucky Horse Park services may be subject to public disclosure under KRS 61.870, the Kentucky Open Records Act. However, public records containing information of a personal nature are protected from disclosure by the personal privacy exemption of state law. Personal data in our possession is maintained and used in ways that respect individual privacy. The Commonwealth educates our employees about the importance of protecting personal information and consumer privacy, and only authorized employees have access to personal information.

Depending on the situation, we may collect the following information about visitors to our website:

* the domain name, but not the e-mail address
* the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail
* aggregate information about which pages consumers access or visit
* information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information

This information is used only to improve the scope and content of the state's services on the Internet.

Kentucky Horse Park Information Sharing

Kentucky Horse Park will not release personal information to third parties except where it is already provided by law for purposes of notification. We will not provide, rent or sell personal information to third parties for marketing programs or any other purpose. State law restricts the use of personally identifiable information for commercial purposes. Depending on the specific nature of the service, information may be shared with other state agencies as stated in KRS 61.878 (5). This statute allows for the exchange of public records or sharing of information between public agencies when the exchange is serving a legitimate governmental need or is necessary in the performance of a legitimate government function.

Kentucky Horse Park and Internet Cookies

Cookies are short and simple text files stored on your computer by Internet web sites to help identify users and enhance customer service. Kentucky Horse Park sites may use cookies to customize and personalize your service transactions with state agencies. For example, our web shopping sites may use cookies to keep track of customers and the contents of their shopping cart. In the event the Internet connection is broken or you wish to suspend shopping and resume at a later time, the cookie on your computer will maintain your computer's identity shopping cart information. Cookies do not compromise your privacy or security. Using web browser settings, you can refuse the cookies or delete the cookie file from your computer by using any of the widely available methods.

Kentucky Horse Park Security Notice

Kentucky Horse Park uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to safeguard your sensitive personal information, including your credit card number, during online transactions. Using this widely accepted form of encryption, your transaction is secured from your personal computer to the Kentucky Horse Park computer processing your request. The Kentucky Horse Park processing computers are located behind a secure firewall. For your protection, never put your credit card number or other sensitive information in unencrypted e-mail. For added security, your credit card information is not stored on a state government database and only authorized employees have access to your credit card number for card processing purposes.

SSL is highly regarded to be a very safe encryption method, but we fully understand if you are not comfortable entering your credit card information online. In that event, please telephone the agency using the toll-free number and speak directly to an agency representative.

If you have trouble purchasing securely at our web site, then you may be behind a firewall or using a proxy server that doesn't allow for secure transactions. If that is the case, then you may phone or fax your order.

Web Advertisement Sponsorship Policies

Cancellations - There will be no refunds for cancelled links.

Liability of Payment - In the event of non-payment of membership fees, the KHP reserves the right to hold the member and/or its agency jointly and separately liable for such monies due and payable to the KHP.

Copy Acceptance - The KHP reserves the right to reject any submissions regarded as objectionable in wording or appearance and MAY require that the word "Advertisement" be prominently displayed in any design. Any reference to KHP or IMH in promotional material or merchandising by the member or their agency is subject to prior written approval by the KHP.

Copy Responsibility - Submission of layouts are the responsibility of the member or agency. Fees are based on material being provided by the member/sponsor and do not include art design or production. Members/sponsors providing any materials requiring work will be refused until all specifications are met.

Copy Authorization - All promotional pieces are accepted and published upon representation that the party placing such material is authorized to publish any and all such material. In consideration of acceptance, the member and/or agency agrees to indemnify and hold the KHP harmless from and against any loss of expense on claims based upon the subject matter of such promotions.

Changes in Rates - The KHP reserves the right to revise, on notice of 30 days, any fees, terms, and conditions with membership or sponsorship partners.

Contract and Conditions - All sponsors/members are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of this card, and no waiver or modification is binding upon the KHP unless in writing and approved by the KHP. All requests require approval by KHP. The KHP shall be subject to no liability for failure to post any links, promotional spaces or listings because of accidents, fires, work stoppages, dilatory postal delivery, acts of God, website technical difficulties or other circumstances beyond the control of the KHP

KHP reserves the unrestricted right to reject any member/sponsor at any time. Failure by the KHP to post website material invalidates the insertion order for such matter, but shall not constitute a breach of contract.

All members/sponsors are accepted only upon representation of the member, sponsor or agency that each of them is authorized to publish the entire content of the space specified above, and that the member, sponsor or agency has the right to, and is capable of, selling or providing, timely, the product or service advertised at the price advertised. In consideration for publication of an advertisement, the advertiser and advertising agency, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and save harmless the KHP and IMH, and staff members from and against any loss, liability, and expense, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by reason of any claim that may arise out of publication of such advertisement.

Liability - In no case shall KHP's, or IMH's liability exceed the cost of the link/sponsorship listing.


No endorsement is intended or made of any hypertext link, product, service, or information either by its inclusion or exclusion from this page or site. While all attempts are made to insure the correctness and suitability of information under our control and to correct any errors brought to our attention, no representation or guarantee can be made as to the correctness or suitability of that information or any linked information presented, referenced, or implied.

All critical information should be independently verified.

The inclusion of links from this site does not imply endorsement by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Commonwealth makes no endorsement, express or implied, of any links to or from its site, nor is it responsible for the content or activities of any linked sites. Any questions should be directed to the administrator(s) of this or any other specific sites.

Disability Statement

The Commonwealth of Kentucky provides, upon request, reasonable accommodations including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs and activities. To request materials in an alternative format, each agency web site provides information for contacting the person or persons responsible for providing the service within the agency. Persons with hearing and speech impairments can contact each agency by using the Kentucky Relay Service, a toll-free telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD). For voice to TDD, call 1/800-648-6057. For TDD to voice, call 1/800-648-6056.