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  • Grand Prix-size show ring is 406 x 306.  Ring is enclosed with a white 2-rail board fence.
  • Ring flooring is Otto Sport footing, comprised of sand and fiber.
  • One (1) twelve (12) foot horse entrance features a rubber paver pathway from warm-up ring to main stadium, enclosed on both sides by 3-rail board fence and pipe gates.
  • Two (2) twelve (12) foot equipment gates located at the southeast and southwest corners of the stadium may also function as horse entrances or exits.
  • Permanent backed chair seating system to accommodate 7,338 spectators.  Areas for expanded bleacher seating of up to 30,000 spectators.
  • Six concession areas.
  • Three sets of men’s and women’s full restroom facilities consisting of twelve (12) men’s toilets and fifteen (15) urinals and thirty (30) women’s toilets.
  • Attached warm-up ring with Otto Sport footing surrounded by 2-rail white board fence.  Warm-up ring is lighted and measures 174 x 229.
  • Additional warm-up ring available (not attached) with Otto Sport footing surrounded by 2-rail white board fence.  This ring measures 135 x 252.
  • Stadium ring is equipped with outdoor night lighting suitable for TV production and arranged to minimize shadows on the field of play.
  • Full range public address system in main arena and stadium, additional paddock master microphone in warm-up ring.
  • Stadium concourse (semi-enclosed under grandstand seating) measuring approximately 25 x 325 ft. for trade fair usage.
  • Two-story Judges/Hospitality Tower featuring 1,900 sq. ft. of carpeted open floor plan for receptions, judges, announcers or hospitality functions.  Venue also features sound system, private restrooms, elevator and catering preparation area.  Concrete patio located under Judges/Hospitality Tower features an additional 1,900 sq. ft. of hospitality area for table seating.
  • 33 x 18 full range Daktronics LCD video display board.
  • Full coverage automatic irrigation system in main stadium and warm-up ring.

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Show Jumping Hall of Fame

Rolex Stadium serves as home to the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, as well. Plaques honoring those who have been honored with induction into the Hall of Fame can be seen by the public, and mementos and artifacts from the sport's history are on display as part of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame collection at the United States Hunter Jumper Association National Hunter Jumper Sport Museum at the horse park.

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