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The Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police Stables are located in the center of the park where officers provide daily barn tours and perform their patrol duties either by horseback, motor vehicle, on foot or golf cart. Mounted Patrols are effective for crowd control in many ways. They are the first responders in emergency situations and play an important role helping the park both daily and during special events.

Patrolling from horseback, KHP Mounted Police officers establish a dialogue with tourists and the horse community alike. This dialogue allows them to be goodwill ambassadors of the Kentucky Horse Park. The KHP Mounted Police has also been instrumental in promoting the park by providing demonstrations for school groups, participating in parades and other high profile events.

As our guests come to the Kentucky Horse Park to visit with horses, the KHP Mounted Police horses are often times the first ones they come into contact with. Guests can tour our stables where we house our equine police force, interact with the officers and pet the police horses. We also have model horses set up in the police barn so that guests can see the different uniforms our equine officers wear, and take a look in our expansive tack rooms.

Generally, the mounted police horses are a draft or draft cross breed that are big boned and durable, but also athletic in build. They possess a kind disposition, and are docile, friendly, and curious in character. By the time they complete their training, our police horses are basically bomb-proof, and relaxed in any situation. Here are all the current horses in our mounted police force.


Oliver is a 9-year-old Paint/Shire cross, standing at 16.1 hands. He was donated by Heather Lang and is now partnered with Captain Rakes. He came to the park when he was only 5-years-old and has since become a jack-of-all-trades. He has worked every park event imaginable, from parades to ceremonies, and has even been to visit Washington D.C.! Oliver is quite a unique guy, and his treat of choice is a banana peel.


Mackenzie is a 12-year-old Clydesdale/Dales Pony cross. “Mac” was donated by Susan Curtis and is now ridden by Officer Schmidt. Everyone who meets him finds it hard to believe that, as a former cart horse, he has only been under saddle since 2015! He’s always up for any challenge, as long as you reward him with one of his favorite vanilla wafers.


Dinero is a 10-year-old, 16-hand Percheron/Thoroughbred cross. He was donated by Asbury University as just a three-year-old, and is now partnered with Officer Foster. He has a very active mind, but can also be quite lazy at times. When he’s not playing with guests or messing with obstacles around the park, Dinero can be found in his stall taking one of his long afternoon naps.


At 19-years-old, Samson is a senior member of our mounted police force. Donated by Sally Philips, this Percheron is also ridden by officer Foster. He is a gentle giant who loves to get his bright white coat dirty with a good roll in the mud! Samson has dipped his hoof in to quite a few disciplines, including foxhunting and vaulting. He says his favorite treat is anything edible.


Sunny is a 12-year-old Belgian Draft/Quarter Horse cross. He was donated by Barbara Lomonaco and is ridden by Officer Johnson. Sunny is quiet and sensitive, but respected by all the other horses, making him the leader of the heard. He is extremely friendly and a guest favorite. His favorite treats are apples or anything apple flavored.