What happens when horses are ready to retire from their duties performing and working in the various equine areas of the KHP?

At the Kentucky Horse Park, our horses are our family, so their health and happiness is our utmost concern. If a horse reaches retirement age, or for any reason can no longer perform its normal duties, its original owner is contacted to initiate a return home. If the original owner is unable or unwilling to take back the horse, then the park finds a suitable adopted home. Most horses do not do well without a job, if only as a family pet and need one-on-one attention. Horses with special needs, making them unsuitable for normal adoptions, are often adopted by individuals who had cared for them at the park. In some cases, the best option is for the horse to remain on the park for the remainder of its life, many times performing a much less stressful job such as being petted and groomed in our Kids Barn.